Garcinia Cambogia: Miracle or Scam?

Garcinia cambogia can be found in many a dieting and weight loss product today, a herbal supplement that has gained considerable hype and acclaim over the past few years for its near miraculous abilities to ensure risk free weight loss while improving health.

A popular fruit in India, also known as gambooge, many traditional societies in Indonesia and Africa have been utilizing the miraculous capabilities of garcinia cambogia to treat a wide variety of ailments from edema to constipation, the efficacy of this pumpkin shaped fruit's extract only now finding its way into modern western society as a result of the hype it received from famous TV personality, Doctor Oz. And now millions of Americans actively seek the Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia supplements, to shed the extra pounds they carry.

What You Need To Know

garciniacambogiafruitThe key to Garcinia cambogia's effectiveness lies in the Hydroxycitric acid extracted from its rind, proving most efficient in burning fat and affecting appetite, though there are some doubts attacking the efficacy elicited by its consumption.

HCA from Garcinia cambogia extract operates in conjunction with an enzyme in the body responsible for creating fat from extra carbohydrates. Hydoxycitric acid works to inhibit the production of this enzyme, which will in turn prevent the transformation of excess carbohydrates into fat. Any excess fat left over in the body should be burned off within 24 hours.

The efficacy of Garcinia cambogia as a fat burner can only prove truly effective in the face of the HCA extract's abilities to suppress appetite, basically communicating to the brain to seize generating the sensation of hunger and hence reduce food intake to prevent excess consumption of carbohydrates.

Though it is worth pointing out that while the Food and Drug Administration has authorized the distribution of Garcinia cambogia, it doesn't in any way support any of its claims to effectively burn fat and suppress appetite. More importantly Garcinia cambogia is not required by north America's drug regulatory authority to prove its reliability and efficacy, so long as it is a wholly natural supplement proven safe for human consumption.

And that is garcinia cambogia's core selling point, that it is a wholly natural product bringing to the table no chemical additives whatsoever, which then eliminates the possible manifestation of those noxious side effects common with most commercial weight loss drugs. Though it is these claims, that Garcinia cambogia is completely free of side effects, which have attracted the greatest suspicion from a select few persons.
Certainly there have been complaints, raised by a very small number of individuals, grousing about one or two inimical side effects as a result of taking Garcinia cambogia. However many professionals have been quick to repudiate these occurrences, be it rashes or headaches, as having emanated from Garcinia cambogia use.

Most likely, it has been postulated, these so called side effects are little more than allergic reactions, and not to the HCA extract itself but the different additives that the different companies might have added to their Garcinia cambogia products, some of them chemical, and which might have had adverse effects on a select few people. There is also the matter of wrong dosage.

Placing these possibly false complaints aside though, Alzheimer’s patients, pregnant and lactating women, even children and diabetes patients have been warned against taking Garcinia cambogia, as its intake is likely to have a negative effect on blood sugar levels which might adversely affect the body.

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